With Enterprise, you can access all Premium
features in addition to the ability to run
multiple events, programs and groups.

Get an Enterprise Plan

What do you get?

Well, to start, you get everything
in Premium groups, plus…

  • Enterprise Support

    Your members and admins get access to premium priority support. If you have a special event, we’ll provide continuous monitoring to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  • Privacy, Security and Safety

    Your group access will be configured to your specific needs, all data is transmitted across the internet via secure socket layer communications and your data is continuously backed up.

  • Multi-Group Management

    An account manager will assist you with each of your groups and ensure they are aligned on one bill.

  • Customized Group Pages

    Create a custom welcome message and set up terms of use that members will need to agree to before being granted access to your secure groups.

  • Priority Member Identification

    We’ll prioritize and accelerate Member ID Verification process for every member who joins your groups if member identities are critical.

  • Community Account Manager

    You will be assigned an account manager who will work to understand your requirements and will provide support with the design, setup, customization, launch and ongoing operation of your space.

  • Group to Group Community Pathways

    Your custom branding can link to multiple group spaces and your members move freely between groups they have access to.

  • Complete Custom Configurations

    We can set up your groups any way you like. Have the ability to turn anything on or off from discussions, file shares, member lists and more.

  • Web Application Integrations with SSO

    We can connect elements of your application or web pages into your group spaces, or your existing web content pages can contain discussions and file share capabilities gated by your groups.

  • Deeper Analytics

    We’ll set up custom configured member activity reports and analytic reports. And with member permission we can provide for user specific activity such as who’s viewed what and when.

Enterprise is perfect for organizations looking for multiple Premium groups with top-of-the-line customization and service.

Are you working with an agency or development team and would like to create your own applications within your Enterprise groups?

Your account manager can provide access to individual group API keys and our Enterprise Community Development Team is available to support your team with any technical questions.

Get an Enterprise Plan