A Growing Network of Communities

Your community benefits from our rapidly growing network of healthcare professionals. You can choose to keep your community private, or allow members of other TimedRight communities into yours.


In Your Community You Can

  • Host Board Meetings
  • Events and Education
  • Gather Feedback
    and Insights

Your Virtual Meeting Hall

With TimedRight, you can create customizable spaces on demand. Each space is separate and secure, allowing you to control who has access.

On demand.





Safe, Secure, Controlled and Compliant

Designed exclusively for healthcare, TimedRight provides unparalleled security, control and monitoring.


The Results

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Higher Performing Programs

All of your programs, events, and projects will benefit from improved communications and collaboration amongst participants, stakeholders, and team members. New spaces can be setup quickly so that you can connect and engage with healthcare providers for projects, conferences, education, training, research, symposia, and more.

Great Insights

TimedRight provides reports and tools to give you insight into what's happening within your communities. With TimedRight analytics, understand what content is getting viewed most and who's posting what, and issue polls and surveys into your community to get feedback and understand what drives engagement.

Improved Patient Care

TimedRight makes it easy for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and others who work in healthcare to connect and collaborate. By enabling enhanced service delivery and coordination our collaborative workspaces lead to better health outcomes for patients.

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"TimedRight will revolutionize how health care professionals access resources, services and support."

Stacey Horodezny, RD - Waterloo Wellington Diabetes Regional Coordination Centre