With Premium, get everything
in a Simple group, plus you also get…

  • Domain Access Gating

    Specify group security to allow only users who have registered with a specific email to join your group.

  • Manage Notification Defaults

    Whether it’s group discussions or or file shares, you can manage the default notification setup to help manage the number of emails received.

  • Categories

    Your administrators can setup content categories to help you and your members find, browse, and manage content.

  • Monitor Role

    Know the user content is safe. Assign one or more members to be a content Monitor and they’re notified of all new posts.

  • Priority Support

    Your members and administrators get priority support.

  • Ad Free Environment

    Your groups are entirely in your control, such that promo content and adverts only post to your groups if you’ve pre-approved.

  • Configurable Access

    Make your group invite only open, and select the Branded Group Entry Add-On to give your group a truly at home feel.

  • Member Status Control

    Track your invites, and who has joined your group, and when, and always have complete control of all member access.

  • Integrated Events

    Post live and online events into your group. Launch online meetings, webinars, and livestreams from any event space.

More customizable.  More controlled.  More capacity.

Premium Lite
  • 75 Member Capacity
  • 3 Administrators
  • 1 GB File Share List
  • 10 MB Max File Size
$85/ month (or $71 / month when paid annually)
  • 250 Member Capacity
  • Assign any Members as Administrators
  • 5 GB File Share List
  • 20 MB Max File Size
  • Custom Welcome or Terms of Use
  • Configure and Control Member Access
  • Manage New Content Notifications
  • Activity Summary
Starts at $275 / month (or $229 / month when paid annually)
Get a Premium Group
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TimedRight is an easy and affordable way to connect dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your members, customers, or other stakeholders. Set up a Premium group to support just about any program or event you're running, and deliver a whole new level of information engagement and knowledge exchange.

Premium Options

Need custom branding? Want integrated webinars? Looking to deliver learning content from an existing site?

Ask us about the services below that are available to any Premium plan.

  • Unique URL with branded login
  • Intergrated Group Events
  • Compliant Electronic Voting
  • Engagement Consulting
  • Webinar Integration
  • Seed Content Maintenance
  • Channel Exisiting Web Content
  • Event Program with User Agenda