For Healthcare Associations

Our safe, secure network is easy to use and adds value to your Mission. In TimedRight, healthcare associations communicate and coordinate

  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Continuing medical education
  • Special events
  • Sponsorship opportunities
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For large groups

If you have a large membership, TimedRight will help you manage the flow of information for different segments of your members (committees, project teams, chapters, interest groups and more) to streamline your communications.

“The information flow we manage is for over 1,000 people, on a monthly basis. Everything we need is here…one single source. I need to know everybody gets what he or she needs. I can post something that is directed to a select number of our network and within hours see there have been 100 downloads – respectively, for those I needed to know that they got it.”


For guidelines, new tools and the latest resources

“There’s no good way of saying this, but the system’s run amok. There is simply too much material to be distributed to too many people on a cycle that is too frequent to keep pace with the old ways of doing it. And email is not the answer! The TimedRight platform is a dream. And it has the integrity that is simply a requisite in healthcare. So for getting guidelines, tools, and resources that are essential out there, you need to be sure. You know who ought to get them, and you can see who’s received, and when they got it. You know that they read it. And you know which questions will be asked and provide supplemental reference material. It’s simply a much better way.”


For NGOs

“Because each department has its own stream of categorical funding and grant management, we suffered from not having an overarching strategy for information sharing within the organization. We would communicate simple pieces of information on an ad hoc basis – and not very well. As we grew, the inefficiency of this approach was obvious, and to an extent we put ourselves at risk with our funders by not being efficient at implementing the very programs they were funding. TimedRight provides us with an effective means of distributing information in ways that we knew were Best Practice approaches, but never could do the business process analysis (or have the funding!) to develop it on our own.”


For conferences and events

TimedRight has member and non-member areas and can help your association acquire new members.

“TimedRight easily allowed the group members to connect with each other, share ideas, ask questions and make plans all in one easy to access place. TimedRight removed the annoying task of having to follow multiple email trails to find what you need, and the ability to store documents where they were easy for members to get has been a huge asset. TimedRight does everything we want it to.”

Megan Suddergaard – Mississauga Halton Diabetes Regional Coordination Centre