For Companies

TimedRight can provide controlled and compliant access to frontline influencers to distribute information, monitor dialogue and to obtain feedback – creating a fully integrated exchange
of meaningful data.

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For market research

We take great care with this. TimedRight provides us with the means to gather the information that we need, and share the information that we want, in a fully compliant and appropriate way. We can do surveys, see aggregate response to posted information, gain insights on a permission-based, individual basis and manage a content rollout on a considerably better informed basis. What used to be costly and impractical now saves time and money and delivers better results.


For events

The bane of my role was getting speakers to read the materials required for their preparation for my Event. I can get them what they need and know when they’ve read it…I can even anticipate what they may be asking – before they ask it – and have it up on TimedRight for reference. It used to be a very frustrating exercise in high-level handholding. You can’t believe what this means now for my time and efficiency.

Dashboard and Analytic Reports


SAFER Compliance

We integrate with your processes to ensure 24/7 monitoring and response.

Identify Potential Issue

First Assessment

Evaluate Issue

Respond to Issue

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“TimedRight’s implementation and support of our webcast was top-notch. We’re very happy with how easy it was, the speedy responses to questions, and the consistent service. The event went off without a hitch, and we look forward to more great events with TimedRight in the future.”

Michelle Zhang MD MBA – Eli Lilly Canada Inc.