For Healthcare Professionals

Your TimedRight community promotes better communication and collaboration across functional or geographic boundaries, resulting in more efficient and better patient care.

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For practice-based groups of professionals

“We’re a small team of doctors. We meet monthly, but doing so in person is difficult and scheduling through email is unproductive and tedious. With this we can share meeting minutes and agenda, forward science documents and reach out to other physicians directly.”


For administrators

“I see my role as transforming the traditional physician-centric admin structure with one that supports clinical teamwork. To do this I need a systems approach to information exchange. I need to be able to align this systems approach with a shared objective or specific area of practice. And I need to keep this separate from the patient education-oriented approaches which have a different focus altogether. TimedRight helps me do this.”


For cross-function teams

“We’re a group of 20 people. We’ve been using this for over 2 years. We average posting about 3 items a day. This helps with managing turnover and onboarding. We manage projects on TimedRight. Our governance, oversight, accountability and performance requirements are all being met using one tool.”


For individual healthcare professionals

“TimedRight gives me the capability to ask questions of colleagues in Vancouver who are to be accepting a patient of mine who’s moving there from Toronto: what forms do they need? What info? What other resources are there for the patient?”

“TimedRight got all of us connected, and kept everyone in touch throughout the project. It helped us to be as successful as we were and it helped grow the Self-Management Program provincially.”

Jayne Giroux – Waterloo Wellington Diabetes Regional Coordination Centre