With no software to download, you can have a group of peers across the country connected and communicating in no time.

Activity feeds provide at–a-glance updates, and automatic notifications to get everyone up to speed quickly.

Connect with the people and groups you want, and receive communications from people who matter to you.

Reach Out

Connect with colleagues, and you can send quick messages to each other's headlines, view each other's profile, and invite each other to conversations and groups.

Share best practices, discuss topics of interest, and share knowledge with colleagues, co-workers, and peers.
Maintain Trust

Get your profile verified so others know who you are, and gain access to more of TimedRight while building greater trust with those you work with.

Get in the Group!

Create or join a private group to collaborate in small teams or amongst a large number of peers across the country.
Share Files, Links, and More

Upload and share documents, and ask for feedback. Follow discussions you want to get updates on.
Keep in touch

Notify members about news, events, programs, and more. Use auto-notify to update the whole group about new topics.

Explore the Community

In TimedRight, it never feels like no one’s home. Helpful TimedRight community staff and collaborative experts ensure help is always available.
Start a Network

Conversations are archived and fully searchable so you can find and review old message information anytime.
Make it Your Space

Add custom branding, terms of use, and more to your groups. Invite or remove people anytime, manage the group content, and add your own categories.
TimedRight is used by healthcare organizations all across the country
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