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Whether you’re a healthcare organization rolling out online programs, events, education, or building a virtual community, use TimedRight to boost online engagement and build strong, lasting relationships.

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Stay In Touch with Healthcare Professionals

Hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of healthcare professionals use TimedRight to securely connect and share information, exchange knowledge, network with peers and participate in events.

“TimedRight gave the College of Family Physicians a safe online space to have discussions, post events, share journal articles, and more. It’s great. Members can access information and ideas, and can engage in discussions with physicians from across Canada.”

Dr. Allan Grill
Family Physician, Markham Ontario. Physician Advisor to the College of Family Physicians of Canada

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High Impact, Efficient Communications

Engage your audience with topical discussions, presentations, online events, and more; all easily accessed and shared by members through web, mobile and email.

“TimedRight allowed us to reach triple the amount of physicians we would typically reach; and the vast majority of our users, if not all of them, have a great experience when they’re using the TimedRight platform. They find it easy to use. They find it straight forward. It’s intuitive. I would generally say that has been our experience overall for anybody that’s used TimedRight.”

Dr. Alexander Abitbol
Event Chair Endocrinologist, LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology

Powerful Reports for Better Insight

With TimedRight, you can leverage polls, surveys, and powerful analytics reports to gain new insights about the audience of your healthcare organization and how they engage online.

“When we wanted to measure how many people were joining the spaces or how many were posting content in the spaces, we were able to get customized data reporting and that was really helpful for us in terms of proving that the community was succesful and allowing us to expand.”

André Girouard
Assistant Manager at The College of Family Physicians of Canada

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The New TimedRight

We’re excited to bring you the new TimedRight user interface. All the features from the original TimedRight will be available with a renewed and improved interface, plus loads of new features and benefits:

Modern, Cleaner Interface

The new interface is cleaner and easier to read, and includes features and capabilities common to modern sites.

Easier to Use

We’ve identified areas of the site that members use most, and have streamlined how users engage with those areas.

Improved Administration

Community administrators will find new and improved features and capabilities, like filters, search, mentions and more.

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